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Where Style And Luxury Meet Country

The Woods Event Center is nestled up to the Crawford County Forest Preserve on the West of Robinson, IL and South of the scenic Oak Glen golf course. We host weddings, receptions, Christmas parties, work parties, live music events, anniversaries, and any special event you may have!


Our premier event room accommodates 150 people on the main floor with additional seating in our stunning 3-sided loft that can entertain up to an extra 150 people. You won’t find better views from our breathtaking wall of windows overlooking the lush Forrest Preserve. You have full access to our verdant 8 acres of land, giving you numerous charming locations for pictures as well as the option for an indoor or outdoor event. 


Our motto is “a place where people come together” because we truly believe in the power of community. We believe in slowing down to enjoy the family and friends that surround us. 


The Story of Our Logo

Our goal was to keep as many beautiful trees as possible so that we could create a space that was immersed in nature, as if you were really sitting in the middle of the woods. When we initially began outlining the layout of the structure, there was one tree in particular that gave us difficulties. A towering sweetgum tree stood on the edge of where the most southern corner of the building should be. After weeks of deliberation, we decided to cut the tree and use it as a focal point within the building. The day came to cut it down… and we simply couldn’t bring ourselves to do it. Something told us that we needed to keep that beautiful sweetgum tree. We altered the building plans to accommodate this towering tree. 


In the days that passed, we were explaining this story to Koert’s mother. She stared at us as if she couldn’t believe what we were saying. She explained that the sweetgum tree was Koert’s great-grandmother, Mariellen Mehler’s, favorite tree. She was known as the “tree lady” and had them throughout her yard where she lived. This sweetgum tree is even featured on her gravestone.


We knew we had made the right decision keeping this magnificent tree. We often look at it and reflect on how far we’ve come and with the support from our family. Our family is our inspiration and motivation behind this project. We felt as if this strong tree represented our family and dream.

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